Iijima Co., Ltd



  • Sales of various old metals and machinery
  • Import and sale of coke
  • Sales of pig iron and casting products
  • Aluminum alloy sales
  • Assembly of auto parts
  • Import and sales of processing and casting materials
  • Work attached to each previous item

Products for Casting

Raw material for casting

  • Formulation
  • Shredder
  • Late
  • Press
  • Pig iron
  • Pig iron

Steel plate furnace for casting

Use Item Size Component
C Si Mn Cu Cr P
FC Formulation 150×100×8mm or more - - 0.90Max 0.05Max 0.05Max 0.03Max
Late 300×300mm            
DCI New decision 300×300mm - - 0.50Max 0.05Max 0.05Max 0.03Max
SHR 150×150mm
Press 300×300mm
Briquette 90×70mm            

pig iron

Item Manufacturer Component
Si Mn P S
B bowl Kobe Steel 4.69 0.39 0.23 0.080 0.009
F3-EP2 Kobe Steel 3.80 0.10 0.02 0.022 0.006
Tula bowl Russia 4.60 0.47 0.05 0.049 0.036
SFCD-20 Brazil 4.04 0.02 0.01 0.022 0.020


Size Component Drop strength
Moisture Volatile matter Sulfur Fixed carbon Ash
5.0% Less than 1.5% Less than 0.6% Less than 90% that's all 8.0% Less than 95% that's all

Copper and tin (additives)

  • Nugget copper
    (purity 99.9%)
  • Tin grain
    (purity 99.9%)

Aluminum recycled mass (ADC-12)

Steelmaking raw materials


  • HS/H1
  • H2
  • New breaking rose
  • Dalai flour
  • Steel Dalai powder

All product quality analysis shipment

Item Size
HS/H1 500x1000 or less x 6mm or more
H2 500x1000 or less x 6mm or less
New breaking rose 300x300mm
Dalai flour  
Steel Dalai powder  

Volume and volume transition

Sales and shipment volume (August 2021)

Shipping quantity: 64,248 t

Sales: \ 34.3 billion

Yearly shipment volume change

Sales change by year