Iijima Co., Ltd

Recycle Flow

Flow of recycling

As a dealer dealing with iron sources for casting and steel making, the main business is total recycling of metals including waste (cutting, compression, processing, processing), and industrial waste (for the future) We are engaged in research and development of recycling of waste plastics, waste glass, etc., research and development of effective use, and business dealing with a wide variety of products including sales of pig iron, aluminum die casting, copper, tin and so on.

We analyze, sort, process all iron sources (iron scrap) and recycle most suitable for the material


I collect iron sources.


The analysis of metal is based on the type of iron and the components are measured by each analyzer.

Emission analyzer

Handheld X-ray fluorescence analyzer

Energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence analyzer


We sort according to application from shape, color, thickness.


Human power. Machine power. Power of fire. We make products from each processing method.


Dismantle the unusable engine, add value, and reuse it for casting and other iron sources.


Delivered to customers with quality and safety first.